Welcome to VitisGrinzane, the online Repository of the Grinzane Cavour grapevine collection!

The collection vineyard

The ex-situ collection vineyard is located in the municipality of Grinzane Cavour, Cuneo province, Piedmont, Italy. It maintains more than 800 accessions, corresponding to 500 grape varieties mainly from north-western Italy (Piedmont, Liguria and Valle d'Aosta). Most of these varieties are minor, neglected, or endangered of extinction if not already disappeared from commercial vineyards. The collection hosts also national and international cultivars used as references. For almost all accessions, varietal identity was verified using morphological and/or genetic tools.

The collection was established in 1992 to preserve neglected grapevines recovered over the years by the CNR - Institute for Sustainable Plant Protection (CNR-IPSP), thanks to the recommendations of winegrowers, nurserymen, enthusiasts. In 2012-2013 a new vineyard was planted with the material already collected and with new introductions.

More info on the ex-situ Grinzane collection

The online repository

In 2021, thanks to the financial support of the project BioMemory, CNR-IPSP started to collect in this repository all the information related to the Grinzane Cavour grapevine ex-situ collection since its establishment. The repository is mainly structured on two levels: Accessions and Varieties. In addition to the main passport data, linked to accessions and varieties, morphological, genetic, virological and agronomic data were included and made available publicly or to authorized users.


  • Recovery of the accessions, varietal identification, collection and curation of data (phenotype descriptions, agronomical features), photos: Anna Schneider (anna.schneider@ipsp.cnr.it) and Stefano Raimondi (stefano.raimondi1978@gmail.com)

  • SSR genetic analysis: Paola Ruffa

  • BioMemory‚Äôs repository group leader: Giorgio Gambino (giorgio.gambino@ipsp.cnr.it)

  • Data collection and curation for the repository: Stefano Raimondi

  • Repository designer: Giancarlo Birello

For citation please use: Schneider A., Raimondi S., Ruffa P., Birello G., Gambino G. (2022). VitisGrinzane Repository. https://vitisgrinzane.ipsp.cnr.it/. (accessed month year)